Strategy Development

Strategy development for a leading Informatics Company in Asset Management, Automation and Workflows within Life Science.


The changes in the Life Science industry are affecting all stakeholders. For instance as the traditional larger Pharma change their approach to research both in terms of more externalisation through outsourcing/CROs as well as bringing in more external science through collaborations this impacts the types and levels of investment within their core sites.

sunflower_microEqually smaller and mid size biotechs have different asset management requirements both in terms of numbers of samples and fulfilment needs.

However all groups wish to develop more flexible automation workflows that respond to different requirements from screening groups and new technology developments.

This approach is impacting the types of customers for Informatics and the asset needs.


The aim was to successfully create a mini strategy plan to enable further discussions around the key strategic next steps.


Using some of these key drivers and changes in the Health and Life Science arena, the company’s current focus was reviewed against customer type (large pharma, Smaller biotechs, virtual organisations and other research groups) and their workflows, information exchanges and Asset challenges.


The strategy was presented to the senior leadership team as part of their strategy week. This facilitated approach allowed the team to discuss openly their thoughts and derive new ideas for their company’s next steps.

This initial analysis has subsequently generated further ideas for business focus and potential services.