Curlew Research enables better Health & Life Science research through our expertise in informatics & strategy development including collaboration, externalisation, data sharing and integration across the complete workflow.

Curlew Research uses its broad experience of the Health and Life Science (H&LS) environment to add immediate value to many areas of the H&LS workflow.Information Landscape

Life Science is changing rapidly with the number of collaborations and their importance increasing. This means that more research is done as part of collaborations with all the data challenges that imposes.

Our Goal

We want to develop strong partnerships with organisation to help support their growth and success. We have key experience of working virtually in projects (IMI OpenPhacts, Framework 7, Transmart Foundation) and in founding and growing organisations such as Pistoia Alliance.


Companies we are supporting

We are already working with a range of companies and have Project examples available but here is a selection of the companies we support:

  • Emerging Virtual Research groups and Biotechs
    • guidance on data management approaches
    • what tool kit to use at different points of their growth curve and expansion
  • Mid size and Larger Pharma
    • Externalisation and collaboration approaches and best practice
    • Pre-clinical informatics strategy in data management
    • Development of business rules to support better data management
  • Informatics companies
    • analysis to enable effective response to the changing market and industry pressures within Life Science and Health
    • strategic support incl RFPs and projects
    • independent customer questionnaires and interviews
    • competitor analysis and marketplace comparison
  • CROs
    • data management strategy
    • Support for what  Pharma customers expect from a CRO in terms of informatics and data management capability
    • Longer term approach to informatics and adding value to the services offered

We look forward to helping you with your informatics strategy & please get in touch