Curlew Research Partner, Encrypgen Interviewed By

Here at Curlew Research we are very interested in the potential offered by blockchain, also known as distributed ledger technology (DLT), to advance, enhance and disrupt healthcare – from candidate drug discovery to the medicines supply chain.  One area that seems to us ripe for the marriage of DLT and healthcare is genomics – specifically the private and secure management of personalized genomic data (See previous presentation here).

Curlew Research is now partnering with and advising a new startup Encrypgen LLC, whose blockchain-based product Gene-Chain provides a distributed, secure and encrypted service for storing, sharing and marketing genomic information.  David Koepsell, the CEO and founder of Encrypgen has this week been interviewed for and the resultant piece by Patrick Lin on how blockchain tech could provide “the missing link between genomics and privacy” is now on-line here.  Curlew Research are very pleased to be working with and supporting Encrypgen.  We will be joining them at BioIT World Expo in Boston from May 23-26, at a pre-conference workshop, “An Intro to Blockchain in Life Sciences“, and at booth #122.

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