Curlew Research Helping to Promote Assay Informatics

Recently, Curlew Research was involved in a project with Collaborative Drug Discovery, CDD (@CDDVault), to explore the value and market potential for their new ontology-based informatics product BioAssay Express, BAE (  As part of that project we interviewed a number of senior informaticians and scientists from top 10 Pharma and biotech research organizations in the US and Europe.  That market research work is now being used by CDD to actively promote both BAE and a new compound screening information analysis field they are terming “assay informatics” – AssayIx.  According to CDD, AssayIx will deliver faster and more effective mining of the textual information in assay protocols.  AssayIx will also enable:-
– Higher quality mining of screening data
– Better assay data and protocol management
– More effective assay registration
– Improved, more meaningful structure-activity relationships (SAR)
– Reduced assay duplication and enhanced reproducibility
– Better, more effective collaboration within and between organizations
If you would like to engage Curlew Research on market research for your product or product idea, get in touch through the website, via mail nick.lynch at, or via Twitter @curlewresearch.

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